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Ancillary Meeting Request Form

Please complete the following Ancillary Meeting Request Form for any events you'd like held in conjunction with the n4a Conference & Tradeshow in Chicago, IL on July 28-August 1, 2018. Honored requests may be subject to a $250 administration fee, in additional to any function charges that would be payable to the venue or related vendors.

All ancillary meeting requests must be submitted no later than Saturday, May 26.

Applicant Information

First Name
Last Name
Organization Website

Event Information

All costs incurred by the ancillary meeting are the responsibility of the meeting organizer. Fees may include room rental, food and beverage, and audio visual.
Event Title
Host Organization(s)
Organizer Name (if different from above)
Person responsible for event logistics.
Organizer E-mail
Attendance Policy
Estimated # of Attendees

Ancillary meetings cannot conflict with n4a sanctioned events or the Conference schedule. Please view the Conference Agenda to determine the day and time of your meeting outside of the n4a Conference Agenda.

Preferred Date
Preferred Time
Preferred Room Set (Click here to view the room sets)
Select all room sets that would facilitate the meeting. Sessions will be scheduled based on the availability of space.
Will you provide any food and beverage?
Is a separate room required for food and beverage?
Will you have AV needs?
Please indicate any additional needs that may dictate the space that is arranged

About Event Proposal

Promotional Preferences (Select All That Apply)
Subject to specific approval
Meeting Overview (3-5 Sentences)
Desired Outcomes (3-5 Sentences)